How to find your LUV Training on the Teacher Portal.

In order to find your LUV training, please login to the Teacher Portal by going to and choosing Login - Teacher Portal, from the top menu. 


If you have trouble with your login credentials, you may need to create or reset your password.

Once you have logged into the Teacher Portal, find the top left-hand menu and choose "My Learning Center". This will take you through to the software that hosts your training materials. 


You should arrive in the Dashboard view where you will see the training that is assigned for the course(s) you are teaching - here is an example of training for a standard 8-week Global STEAM group course.  


Once in this view, please click on the first step of training. In the example shown this is called,  'Step 1 Welcome to LUV'.

Notice if there are any announcements for the training step, prior to beginning to work your way through the modules. Use the menu on the left hand side to navigate around the training, always coming back to the Modules when you are within a course (or step) of training, and coming back to the Dashboard to find the next course in the training pathway. 


Need help getting started? We are here to help! or call (toll free) 888-309-8505. 

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