How to Upload a Video to the Student Portal

The easiest way to share a video to the Student Portal is to use a desktop, laptop, Chromebook, or mobile device connected to the internet at the time of recording. When your student logs into the Student Portal from this device and chooses to create a video, the LUV Platform will connect directly to the native camera in their device and allow for the creation and upload of the video directly into the correct area of the Platform. 

If your students are unable to work online to create and share their video in one process, then a video can be recorded offline first, then uploaded to the Student Portal once the student has access to the internet and is able to login to the Platform.

Please follow these steps to create and upload your video on the Student Portal:

Step 1:

First, login to the Student Portal, and choose the tab 'Courses', then pick the correct course to upload a video to:


Step 2:

Once in the correct class, pick the Exchange you wish to upload to:


Step 3:

Then click on the 'Take/Upload New Video' '+' button:


Note: The Guide Questions may provide details of the information to be addressed in the content of the video. 


When you are recording online, the camera window will appear, allowing a student to record directly into the LUV platform by clicking the red 'record' circle. If they would like to re-do their video, they can delete and re-record as many times as needed. 


PLEASE NOTE: If working online with Ipads you will only see THIS screen, and should click on the 'Drag or Click Here' box to initiate the camera feature and begin the video recording. The video will automatically be uploaded to the correct area of the Student Portal on completion:



If a student is working offline, they should record their video (of greater than 45 seconds) using the in-built video camera of their device, and then save the recorded video. Once online, the video may then be uploaded to the correct exchange to be shared with the partner student. 

Please follow steps 1-3 above and then do the following to upload a video that has been recorded offline:

If you have recorded a video offline, choose the option to 'Upload a Video File':


This will direct you to a new screen:

Step 5:

Click on the 'Drag or Click here' box and find the video file to upload. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process. 



Please remember the Student Portal will only accept videos that are over 45 seconds long, and under 350mb in size. See the following articles for more information on uploading videos:

Accepted video formats

How to compress a video

Troubleshooting video uploading 


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