LUV Video Chat as a Classroom Group

Each LUV LIVE video chat allows for groups of students to connect in real time to meet and discuss aspects of their LUV course as well as to get to know one another better.

Screen_Shot_2018-09-05_at_5.30.35_PM.png-Arranging your LUV LIVE Video Chat-

The Teacher Portal teacher-to-teacher feature allows for teachers to ‘message’ or ‘chat’ with one another to set their Video Chat time up. You should use this to discuss your student availability with your partner teacher to organize the live chat between the classrooms.


We have found that different video conferencing platforms are preferred in different classrooms around the world.  Please find a mutually convenient platform via which to connect - our suggestions to try are:


Please note that when you connect your classroom using any of these platforms LUV is not responsible for ensuring the quality of the interactions or recording the video conference content for playback later.


Remember to encourage your students to be patient when trying to connect. Discuss all the variables of what may cause problems with connecting between countries in order to manage your students’ expectations.


In order to set-up your LIVE chat, you will need to consider the following:

  • You and your partner classroom’s timezone information
  • What time of day you are most likely able to connect
  • What days and weeks during your course your students would be available at this time
  • How many students will connect per group


Your platform class page provides information about your partner school - including the time zone. Please use this to understand the time difference.

For example:

Your school time zone: e.g. Zimbabwe = UTC +02.00

Your partner’s school time zone: e.g. USA (CT) = UTC -05.00


The example partnership has a 7hr difference - the American classroom is behind the African classroom. The African students would need to be able to participate in a Video Chat with their partners after 3.30pm if the American students were available from 8.30am. Most of the time, students will need to be flexible to stay on later at school, or arrive early, in order to connect.


Once you know the time of day your students would need to be available, you should then work out which days, preferably in the second half of your course that you could potentially have cohorts of your students available to connect. You should allow at least 20 mins for each Live 10 minute chat session, initially, to allow for connectivity issues.


You should determine with your partner teacher how many students you wish to have connected to their partner classroom at one time. You can arrange for smaller groups of 4-5 students to connect together providing you have the time to schedule multiple live chats.  If not, you should plan to connect once between the two classrooms and use our suggested questions and prompts to keep the conversation going.


Please locate and view the Course Questions document in the teacher resources which should help to guide the conversation during the live chat. Both your students and your partner students should follow these prompts to move the conversation along over the live video chat period. Should you need a translator present, please arrange to have at least one person in either classroom who would be able to act in this capacity.



If you have any issues or questions, please email, chat with the Support Team from your Teacher Portal, or call (203) 397-6189.

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