Completing your LUV profile on the Teacher Portal

To complete your LUV profile, scroll down until you see your name. Click on the blue text of your name.


Scroll below your profile information to find/complete your LUV profile. The first section is the 'About Me Questions & Answers'. 


To the left of the question is a blue pencil icon, click on that to answer the various questions. Each question will need to be answered individually.


Click into the text box to answer the corresponding question. Then click 'Save changes' to save your answer.


Please make sure you answer all five of the 'About Me Questions'. 

The next section is the 'About Me Videos'. Please note the following:

  • The LUV teacher portal will only accept videos that are a minimum of 45 seconds long and a maximum of 250 megabytes (MB) in file size.
  • For mobile devices or tablets: click 'record/upload about me video', then click on 'Browse' to select a video, that you recorded previously, or click 'take photo or video' to record a video. Then click 'Complete Upload'.


  • For desktops or laptops, you will need to upload a video that has already been recorded as you cannot record directly from these devices. We recommend using any native video recording application or as resources for recording videos.

To upload your 'About Me Video' click on the blue button labeled 'Upload About Me Video' next to the corresponding video prompt.


Now click on 'Select a video to upload' to select a video from your device that will uploaded.


Click on the file that you want to upload and then click 'Open'. You can also double click on the file. 


You will see your video appear on screen. Below your video, click on 'Complete Upload'.


Your upload will start promptly. Once the upload is complete your video will appear on screen. 


Please make sure you have uploaded all three 'About Me Videos'. 

The last section in the LUV profile is the favorites section. This includes your favorite photos, music and movies.


Click on 'Upload Favorite Photo' to select a photo from your device to upload.


Your upload will start promptly. Once the upload is complete, your photo will appear on screen. 


Under 'My Favorite Music' click 'Add Favorite Music' to search the LUV database for your favorite music choices.


In the example below, we search for the artists Phillip Phillips. To add the specific song to your list of favorites, click the blue '+ add' button underneath the song.


Click on the 'x' in the upper-right hand corner to return to your favorites section. Please feel free to add as many of your favorite song as you wish.


Your favorite music will show up in your 'My Favorite Music' section.

You can search for your favorite movies just the same as you did for your favorite music. 

If you have any questions regarding this article or about editing your profile information or avatar, please feel free to email us at!

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