Completing the Ranking Question

To answer or complete the ranking question, click on the 'Courses' tab, it is the second tab from the left.


Find the class that you want to complete the ranking question for. Click on the green pencil icon near the LUV logo for the class.


Now click on the 'Collaborate' tab, it is the third tab from the left.


The ranking question will appear on screen. In the example below, the ranking question says, 'What is the biggest health concern in your community?' You can see there are four answers given as well. Click and drag the answers into what you think is the appropriate order. For example, obesity was placed on top as the biggest health concern, while 'other' was placed last as the least concerning.


Once you have ordered the options in the way you felt was appropriate, please make sure you click 'Save Changes' to save your work.


You have now completed the ranking question! If you have any questions regarding this article or about completing the ranking question, please feel free to email us at!

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