Course Assessments

Level Up Village has developed Course Assessments to provide quantitative feedback data on whether or not participation in a LUV course is of benefit to LUV students. 

The assessment comprises of pre and post course questionnaires to be completed by the students and teachers, and if possible, members of the students' families. Each assessment is available via an online link and should take no more than a couple of minutes to complete. 

To view the course assessments for your class, click on 'View and Edit Class Details - your class name'. 


The course assessments are found under the 'Surveys Resources' section of your course resources. The course assessment instruction packet can be found in the Teacher Resources section of the Teacher Portal. 


GROUP Classes: 

For all group courses where teachers manage the Student Portal on behalf of their group of younger students, the teacher is asked to complete the assessment questions on behalf of their student group.

1:1 Classes:

For 1:1 courses, each individual student is asked to complete the pre and post course questionnaire and each teacher will also complete their own pre and post assessment separately. 


If you have any questions regarding this article or about finding the course assessments, please feel free to email us at! 


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