How do I know if I should be adding translations? (Teacher Portal)

This information is taken directly from the Global Communication Platform training:


Transcription and Translation


Every English-spoken video will automatically be ‘transcribed’ by LUV within 24 hours of being uploaded to the Platform. This means that the partner student is provided with a written version of the audio from the video they are watching. This is provided in order to help students understand strong dialects from other regions or countries. The student can view this transcription by clicking on “show description” below the video view within the Student Portal, Transcription is provided automatically and requires no action from either teacher.

The transcription service can be turned off for any course, if you prefer, and is always deactivated for Global Language Lab courses.


Where students are speaking in a language other than English, it is usually the responsibility of the teaching team to provide a translation for each video, prior to approving it. This is done via the Teacher Portal. The easiest way to add a translation for a video is to write it as a word document and then cut and paste the entire paragraph into the Description box when viewing the video in the Video Dashboard, as shown. As a classroom receiving translated videos, please be aware that this adds a huge amount of additional work for the partner classroom and may mean that not all the class videos are approved at the same time.

The requirement for translations is usually discussed with a teaching team in advance of enrollment into a particular course. Google Translate may be a good tool to use when translating paragraphs of video script before copying and pasting the content of the document to the Description area of the Teacher Portal.  


Please note, no translations are required for Global Language Lab courses.


If you need to check on whether or not you are required to provide translations, please contact

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