How do I know if I should be adding translations? (Student Portal)

This information is taken directly from the Global Communication Platform training:


Transcription and Translation

PLEASE NOTE: The LUV Profile "About Me" videos and questions should always be completed and shared in ENGLISH.

This profile information stays with the student and therefore should be recorded in English - the language LUV has chosen to be the universal language for all partners. This means that all students should be able to understand their partner’s profile information, regardless of their native language. The LUV Profile Videos do not have subtitles or transcripts associated with them.


Every English-spoken video will automatically be ‘transcribed’ by LUV within 24 hours of being uploaded to the Platform and approved (See Teacher Portal training module: ‘Approve Student Videos’). This means that the partner students are provided with a written version of the audio from the video they are watching. This is provided in order to help students understand strong dialects from other regions or countries. The students can view this transcription by clicking on “show description” below the video view within the Student Portal. Transcription is provided automatically and requires no action from either teacher.


The transcription service can be turned off for any course, if you prefer, and is always deactivated for Global Language Lab courses and dual immersion courses.


Where students are speaking in a language other than English the LUV Platform may have the ability to translate both the subtitles of the English-made course videos as well as the written transcript into the target language. The Platform can also translate non-English video subtitles and transcripts back into English for the partner to read and review. Please note, the soundtrack of the videos will always remain in the originally recorded language.

The translation service is limited by the audio quality of the video - please ask students to speak slowly and clearly and avoid loud background noises. When making group videos that will be translated please also avoid everyone speaking together - instead make sure each person speaks clearly AND individually, including saying 'hello' and 'goodbye' individually, as group-spoken words or short sentences are unlikely to be able to be translated. Note - this only applies to videos that will be translated.

Currently, Spanish to English/English to Spanish is available via our system and more languages will be added soon. This service is only available for some courses and must be agreed up front with the LUV team. However, where a native language speaker is having difficulty speaking in English in order to complete an interesting and detailed video, using the translation service is a great option and should be discussed. Click here to see a short overview of the translation service on the Student Portal of the LUV platform, and how to manage from the Teacher Portal.



Google Translate Extension

A Google Translate Extension may be downloaded to the computer being used to view the LUV Platform and allow for the user interface of the Platform to also be changed to the required target language. For more details on this please click here or contact us to see if this is an option for your students.


If you need to check on whether or not you are required to provide translations, please contact

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