How to save your Scratch Project

Scratch does not currently have a way to recover lost work. To ensure work is not lost during the course of a LUV project, please download your projects to your computer or make copies as you create them. Please remember to remind all students that they should take great care when working in shared studios, or with shared logins, to protect their own work and that of their partner student. 

Download to your computer

Once inside your project, go to File > Download to your computer. This will save a file extension .sb2 which can be imported to future Scratch projects. For instructions on how to import your project to Scratch, CLICK HEREScreen_Shot_2018-01-24_at_10.40.35_AM.png

Alternatively, you could go to File > Save as a copy. This would save a duplicate of the project online in the "My Stuff" menu.

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