Global Programming: Creators and Designers

1:1 Video Recording and additional software required: Scratch

Required Hardware:
Desktop/Laptops (Windows, Mac, or Chromebook)

Computers Needed: 

Preferred Hardware:
Mobile Devices (Tablets/Smartphones) 
for the Student Platform
Desktop/Laptops (Windows, Chromebook, or Mac)
for Scratch

Website Login:

Scratch Requirements:
To run Scratch 2, you need to be using (1) a Mac, Linux, or Windows computer; (2) a version of Adobe Flash Player released on or after June 15, 2016; (3) a relatively recent web browser: one of the latest two versions of Chrome (Mac, Windows, or Linux), Firefox (Mac or Windows only), Safari (Mac or Windows only), Edge (Windows only), or Internet Explorer 10+ (Windows only). If your computer doesn’t meet these requirements, you can try downloading and installing Scratch 1.4, which you can still use to share projects to the Scratch 2 website. We do not support Chromium.

Click Here for detailed information on our Technology Standards & Requirements.

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