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Create a Gcode

The steps of how to generate a Gcode file:
1. Double-click the icon of FlashPrint to start the software. 2. Click [Print]--[Machine Type] to select FlashForge Finder


3. Click the Load icon to load a .stl model file and the object will display on the build area.
4. Click on the object to select it, double-click the Move icon on the left and the click [On the Platform] and [Center]

5. Click the Supports icon on the top, and click [Auto Supports], your FlashPrint will automatically generate supports for the object if requires. Green treelike parts in below picture are the supports.Screen_Shot_2018-01-10_at_10.18.52_AM.png

6. Click [OK] to preview the model with supports.
7. Click the Back icon, a dialog box will pop up. Click [Yes] to save the file as .fpp file. It is suggested that you click [No] to exit. If you click [Yes] to save the model as .fpp, supports will be loaded together with the model when you reload it next time.
8. Click the Print icon and a dialog box will pop up. Set all the settings for your print job.
9. Click [OK] to select the path to save the Gcode file after you done with settings. You can rename the file as you like and save it as a .g or .gx file, click [Save] to generate a Gcode file.
Note: .gx files are available for preview while the .g files are not. Left are .g files and right are .gx



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