Creating Water Filters in Tinkercad using Basic Shapes

  1. First pick out a shape and drag it to the plane. In this example we chose to use a cone shape.Screen_Shot_2017-11-29_at_2.23.17_PM__2_.png

  2. Once placed on the plane, hover your mouse over (any) corner and click on the red square.

  3. You now have the ability to change the size of the object by typing the preferred size (in mm) In this example, the size of the object is 40.00mm (length) X 40.00mm (width) X 40.00mm (height)
    Protip: In step 2, instead of clicking, you can hold down the shift key and drag your mouse to scale the object.

  4. Once you have your preferred shape, it is now time to hollow out the shape (in order for the filter to work) Copy and paste the original shape and click on “Hole”

  5. Next, you’ll need to make sure that the copied hole shape of the object is scaled smaller than your original preferred shape. Let’s trim it down by 1 mm. So the copied hole shape’s measurements will be 39.00mm (Length) X 39.00mm (Width) X 39.00mm (Height)

  6. Now, in order for the water to pour out, we will need to create an opening at the closed end of the object. To the right, under Basic Shapes, search for a Cylinder (or any shape that is a Hole) and drag it to the plane. This circumference of the shape can be any size based on the your student’s design but make sure that the height of the object is taller than your preferred shape.

  7. Once all three of the objects are created, it is now time to combine these shapes. Drag and highlight all three of the objects, then click on the alignment tool or press “L” on your keyboard.

  8. Click on the middle circles to align the objects perfectly.

  9. Now combine the shapes together!

  10. There’s your basic shape water filter! You can rename your file by clicking on the top-left corner.Screen_Shot_2017-11-29_at_2.27.05_PM__2_.png

  11. To export your design, Click Export and choose .stlScreen_Shot_2017-12-13_at_11.11.47_AM__2_.pngScreen_Shot_2017-12-13_at_11.08.06_AM.png

You can download the .STL file below or Click Here

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