Adding Collaboration Files on the Student Portal

Please note that in this article we will be uploading an example collaboration file to represent the first collaboration in a LUV class.

To upload a collaboration file through the student portal, click on the 'Courses' tab, it is the second tab from the left.


Find the class that you want to upload your collaboration file to. Click on the green pencil icon near the LUV logo. 


Now click on the 'Exchange 2 - due date'. The reason for this is that students are asked upload their second exchange video and their first collaboration file within the same week as per the curriculum.


Now scroll down a tiny bit so you can see the collaboration section. There will be an option that says 'Drag or click here', go ahead and click there.


This next window will allow you to choose a file to upload from your device. You can either click on the file you want to upload and then click 'Open' or double click on the file you want to upload. In the example below, we clicked on the file to select it and then clicked on 'Open'.


Once you click open or double clicked on the file you want to upload, another window will pop-up. You will also be asked to enter in a description or label of the file. Simply type in your description and press 'Save'.


The file will start uploading immediately. If you scroll down slightly below where you uploaded your file, you will see it displayed under the 'List of Collaboration Files'. 


If you have any questions regarding this article or about uploading a video through the Student Portal, please feel free to email us at!


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