Completing the Student LUV Profile

When you first come to the LUV Student Portal, the first page that you land on is the LUV Profile. Let's go ahead and answer the 'About Me Questions'. Click on the green '+' button to edit the answer to an 'About Me Question'.


One the smaller window that pops up, type in your answer to the question in the space provided. Then click 'Save'.


Clicking 'Save' will bring you back to the previous screen and show you the answer that you have just typed in.


Go ahead and click on 'Next >|' to move to the next 'About Me Question'.


Go ahead and repeat this process until you have answered all five 'About Me Questions'. You will know you have answered all five when you cannot click on 'Next >|' anymore and instead you will see the option to click on '<| Back'. 


Now that you've answered the 'About Me Questions' the next step is uploading the 'About Me Videos'. Please note: if you are accessing the LUV student portal from a tablet or smart phone you can record videos directly into the student portal. If you are accessing the LUV student portal on a desktop or laptop computer you cannot record videos in the student portal, these devices must upload pre-recorded videos.

To upload an 'About Me Video' scroll below the 'About Me Questions'.


Mouse over the LUV logo underneath the appropriate video prompt question to upload a video. The LUV logo will turn dark if you mouse over it and reveal a '+' sign. 


Click on the '+'. On the next window, click where it says 'click here'. This will bring up a selection window where you can choose the video that you want to upload.


Now select the video you want to upload and either double click on the file, or click on the file and then click on 'Open'.


Once you click 'Open' your video will begin to upload to your student portal. A window with a loading bar will pop up, where you can view the progress of the uploading. You will receive a notification in the bottom right-hand corner that says, 'Your video is being processed. This might take a few mins'.


Once the video is done processing it will show up in the space under the video prompt question and replace the LUV logo image.


Repeat this process again if you need to upload more than one 'About Me Video'.

To upload images the favorites sections of your LUV student portal, scroll below the 'About Me Video' section.


Click on 'View All' to start adding in a favorite photos, movies or music. In this article, we started with adding in favorite movies. On the next screen, click on the '+' on the right hand side to starting searching the LUV database for your favorite movies.


The search bar will pop up. Type in the title of your favorite movie and press 'Enter' or 'Return'. If the database comes back with a result, you will see an image of the movie you searched for. In the example below, the movie Finding Nemo was the search choice. 


Click on the heart symbol on the right hand side of the movie choice, to add the movie to your favorite movies!


The heart will become filled in. You will receive a notification in the bottom right hand corner that the movie has been added to favorites.


Click on the back arrow in the upper-left hand corner to add more movies. If you click the back arrow again, you will return to the 'Favorites tab' where you can choose to add favorite photos or favorite music. Adding favorite photos works the same as uploading an 'About Me Video', however you will be prompted to give a description of the photo before finishing the upload. Adding favorite music works the same as adding favorite music. You can search for music from the LUV database by song name or artist name.

If you have any questions about this article or about completing your LUV profile, please feel free to email us at!




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